Activities in Kingsmouth and on Solomon Island

There are plenty of activities to occupy you in our beautiful town and scenic surroundings. Here are just a few suggestions…feel free to make your own list!

1. Follow Solomon Road around the circumference of the island and enjoy the varied scenery – from the beaches of Kingsmouth, to the lighthouse, the cliffs, Innsmouth Academy and the rocky western shores

2. Visit the impressive Kingsmouth lighthouse and climb to the top (by appointment only) for the best view north of the Empire State Building!

3. Stop by the Wabanaki camp and browse their wonderful Native American Arts & Crafts store

4. Take a scenic flight from the Kingsmouth Municipal Airport – only $49 if you mention this site!

5. Eat the best clam chowder in Maine at the Lobster Trap seafood restaurant – reservations recommended

6. Dip your toes in the Atlantic ocean at Red Oak Beach – it’s cool and refreshing

7. Step into the beautiful Kingsmouth Congregational church on Main Street and have a chat with the Reverend Henry Hawthorne about the history of town – Pastor Hawthorne knows more than most, and he might even let you in on a little conspiracy theory or two

8. Stop by the Franklin Foundation Mining Museum and learn more about the strange and often dark history of the Blue Ridge Mine

9. Visit the different historic sites in town – like Priest House – and learn about some of Kingsmouth’s most famous figures and founding fathers: Solomon Priest, Isaac Fletcher, Gottfried von Ickstatt and John Langmore.

10. Hike up to the Blue Ridge Mine. Although the mine is closed for visitors, it’s a beautiful and scenic area of Solomon Island – bring a packed lunch!

11. After visiting the mine, hike the forest trails of Solomon Island. Can you find them all? (P.S. maps are available!)

12. Go whale watching – group discounts available!

13. Take a jog around Sasqua Pond

14. Visit Ash Forest and Black Goat Woods where rumors have it that strange magical rituals were once performed, and feel the mystery of the New England forest

15. Go on a photo safari of Kingsmouth, and upload your pictures for everyone to see – share your experiences with the world!

16. Have lunch at the famous Susie’s Diner and meet the locals! At lunchtime, you’re sure to find Sheriff Bannerman and Deputy Gardener, and many others

17. Admire the gorgeous Colonial Georgian building of Innsmouth Academy (but make sure to call ahead for an appointment; it’s private property)

18. Stop by the Raven’s Knock and pick up some love potions or healing crystals, or have your fortune told by Madame Rog├ęt – Kingsmouth’s very own genuine psychic!

19. Build a sandcastle on Pharaoh Beach – perhaps a pyramid?

20. Go antiquing at Paradise Found, you’ll never know what you’ll find there

21. Stay a few nights at Jack & Wendy’s B&B in summertime – hospitality second to none, with a great view of the ocean and easy access to the beach!

22. Admire the stunning view from World’s End

23. Search for the tree house near Chegual Creek (shh, you’re not supposed to know about it)

24. Rent a boat and go fishing! Equipment available at Red’s Bait & Tackle or Dufresne & Son Marine Supplies

25. Join the annual pumpkin carving contest in October – or just come and watch

26. Stop by The Old Harbor Shrimp Shack for a take-away ’shacketizers’ or ’shacktail’ – “yum!”

27. Visit the Kingsmouth Town Hall, a historic and beautiful building containing many pieces of art – including a painting of Solomon Priest and the Key to the Town

28. Browse for rare books in King of Books – you could end up finding a real gem!

29. Take a moonlight stroll from Journey’s End to Pyramid Point, and see the moon reflected in the Atlantic Ocean

30. Search for Viking rune stones at Norseman’s Landing! Maybe you’ll find evidence of Viking visitors?

31. Buy a packed lunch from the Sunshine Deli and relax on a bench in Kingsmouth Park

32. Catch a glimpse of Bigfoot ;-)