a view from the marina

About Kingsmouth Town

The beautiful Town of Kingsmouth is located on Solomon Island, at the shores of north-east Maine. The 2000 census noted 1,547 citizens, a very stable number since the population tally before that. We are proud to remain a typical New England small town.

Kingsmouth is rich with history, going back to the 1600’s, but there are traces of people on the island long before that. The Native Americans called the area “Drumming Hills” and several Indian trails swung by the island. Surprisingly enough, there are even signs of Vikings having visited our shores!

Kingsmouth was founded under its current name in 1667 by Solomon Priest, an English pilgrim. The population quickly rose to over a thousand people, a number that hasn’t changed much since! We are a Town built on tradition, a strong community and a great will to come together. An example of the spirit is how the citizens pulled together when a fire devastated the town in 1712. Almost all the homesteads and several of the principal buildings were lost, among them the church and the town hall. The townspeople rebuilt everything with the financial aid of the prosperous businessmen and organizations with interests in Kingsmouth.

The Town of Kingsmouth is governed by the traditional New England town meeting. An elected town council provides overall direction for administration by the town manager. An active planning board plays a key role in dealing with community issues. We take an assertive stance in balancing the quality of life and economic growth. As a vibrant and independent town, we provide most services to our citizens ourselves.

For a small town by the shores of Maine, we have a lot to our name – and many things for visitors to see! Kingsmouth is a perfect place for those who are looking for that authentic “New England atmosphere”. So whether you make a quick stop or decide to “Stay a While!” we are sure you will agree that Kingsmouth is a wonderful place to be and well worth a visit!

    Did you know…?

  • Kingsmouth has the tallest lighthouse in the entire north-eastern United States!
  • There are rumours of secret tunnels linking important buildings in town with other sites on Solomon Island!
  • Some people claim Kingsmouth was founded by a secret order originating in Europe!
  • Solomon Island is home to Innsmouth Academy, an exclusive private school for students with very special and unique talents!
  • Local legends have it that the mountains are cursed by a dark and mysterious force!
  • There have been numerous sightings of Bigfoot just outside of town!! ;)
a view from the marina